(Milano 1959)


Graduated University of Milan in Architecture – “New Trends of Italian Design”. Stefano works with product and graphic design, design for limited production pieces utilizing the computer in industrial design, furniture design and extensively in the ceramics industry where he created his own ceramics line.


From 1996/7 he was instrumental in the formation of a creative center in Milan which renovated several industrial buildings. From 1992/1994 Stefano traveled extensively in Greece visiting and studying important classical sites. In 1990 he participated in the production of “new italian designer” edited by Rizzoli, NYC.
Since 1985 he has on ongoing collaboration with the following furniture companies: Azucena, Artemide, Pallucco and Vittorio Bonacina.


Design and Architecture Competitions
– 2001 Music for Spring – personal performance
– 1998/1995 International Japan Ceramic Competition “MINO”
– 1995 Diamond International Awards (jewelry)
– 1995 International Suisse Fair (table system)
– 1995 Euro Tableware Competition “MAGGI” Germany
– 1992 Nara Convention Hall – Architecture in Japan
– 1992 New Museum of Scotland – Architecture, Edinburgh


– Interni – Special Salon Issue, April 2001
– Elle Decor Casa, November 2001
– European Master Collection, Vol. 10 – Industrial Design
– Atrium ed., Barcelona 1993
– AD magazine, April 1992
– Domus, June 1989, December 1991
– Casa Vogue, July 1990