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Gio Ponti , 1963

Continuum, made for Bonacina in 1963, immersed itself in the environment, in nature and in biology. Beginning in 1933 with Domus Serena and its balconies covered in vines — a ‘vertical forest’ before its time — Ponti favored organic forms with his sketches of the Circular Villa for Daniel Koo that, though never built, remain. His idea was that of a large leafy roof covering a circular building — Irace's unlimited attempt to ensure that architecture em- braced life to the fullest

Museum exhibitions:
Triennale Design Museum Milano

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Technical data

Manao without skin structure bent by hand with steam. Seat hand-woven in Rattan Core. Bindings in flat oval rattan core. Cushion in polyurethane foam with removable cover. Available in all finishes on the colour card.

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