Museo Galleria Giardino

The historic building, originally built in the Sixties, will be the home of an experiential display within which visitors will be able to discover the universe of Bonacina through the works of the Masters who have marked the brand’s history from 1889 to today. The space can be visited by appointment only. Book your visit via email at


Un luogo polifunzionale

The rational architecture building featuring large windows that flood the interior space with natural light, now houses the Museum, which extends over an area of 600 square meters, and the Galleria of over 1000 square meters.



The Museum houses over a century of prototypes and designs from the Bonacina Historical Archive, memory of the brand, together with studies and research papers still used today as a starting point for the development of new projects and design collaborations. The Historical Archive, while maintaining its original characteristics, evolves into a dynamic and enhanced language, which leaves room for new interpretations and visions.



Inside the spaces of the Galleria and of the Giardino, visitors discover the strong link between past, present and future creations. The three collections are presented in both Indoor and Outdoor variations in order to bring Bonacina’s timeless taste and stylistic code even to outdoor areas, offering a skilful combination of historical and innovative materials.

Bonacina 1889
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