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Franca Helg , 1967

Milanese Franca Helg, active in both the field of architectural and indus- trial design, was professionally associated with Albini, with whom from 1951 to 1977 she established an im- pressive synergy. ‘Grand Dame’ of architecture in Italy for several decades, she combined rigor and sweetness for Bonacina in the Primavera, 1967, a support structure in rattan and woven rattan cane. Curved lines and twisted details reaffirm the application of Albini’s method: reason by maximum simplicity, reduce, and avoid gratuitous ad- ditions. The Primavera brings together a 1960s linearity, that echoes Scandinavian purism, with an organic optic that evokes Helg’s great love of nature.

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Technical data

Manila Structure bent by hand with fire. Hand woven in Indian rattan cane. Cushion in polyurethane foam with removable cover. Available in all lack finish.

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