This remarkable piece marries Braun's distinctive design ethos with Bonacina's unique aesthetic and versatility, resulting in a timeless addition to modern interiors. Drawing inspiration from the geometric elegance of the Circo Massimo monument in Rome, Braun envisioned Helium as a symbol of togetherness and illumination. The lamp's circular shape captures and diffuses light, creating a captivating moiré effect that adds depth and character to any environment. Crafted with Rolon, a durable outdoor material, Helium is as resilient as it is beautiful, perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. The intricate weaving of Rolon material enhances its visual appeal and creates mesmerising light and shadow interplays, making Helium a truly unique addition to Bonacina's lighting collection. With its timeless elegance and versatile nature, this lamp promises to elevate any space, whether it's an intimate dinner setting or a bustling outdoor terrace. As explained by Braun “Helium is lighter than air – a name and a design that effortlessly uplifts any ambiance, creating a lasting impression for years to come”.

Technical data

Powder-coated metal structure. Hand-woven structure in Rolon. Available in every colours presented in the Outdoor Color Card.

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