The Cabinet of Curiosities

Welcome to the Collector's Sanctuary

The Drawing Room

The Collector’s longing for oddity and curiosities is the very driving force behind the assemblage of the most unusual Mirabilia. Violet and yellow, with the neutral warm finish of Tabacco are key in the primary conversation area in the house

The Studio

The Studio, a corner filled with natural daylight ideal for writing and to catalogue the last finds

The Coral historically plays a leading role in the Wunderkammer being a hybrid specimen, straddling the animal, vegetable and mineral kingdom.

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The Dining Room and Kitchen

Ethereal tones and monochrome characterise these two areas of the house: clean lines and enveloping textures are home to all sorts of artifacts and Mirabilia.

Arjia chair weaved in rattan skin with black metal structure

The Wardrobe

In the Cabinet of Curiosities, a multitude of fragments is diligently sought and gathered in a specific space, that of the collection, according to a common factor: everything that is unusual, bizarre and can capture the eye.

DESIGN Archivio storico

Jardin d'Hiver

A house that constantly dialogues with the natural and botanical world dedicates the entrance to a magnificent Trompe l’Oeil. Accents of pink appear to float in a green expanse, made of geometries and contrasts.

Pashmina bench in lacquered finish Cayenna

The Bedroom

The wooden mantelpiece and canopy bed surrounded by Nautical images: a world of exploration and discovery where the cheerful brightness of orange enhances earthy colours and takes us to exotic and remote lands.

DESIGN Mario Bonacina and Renzo Mongiardino
Bonacina 1889
Via Madonnina 12
22040 Lurago d’Erba (Co)
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